by Dethrone The Corrupted

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Flourish hatred for honor and glory. In ancient one was wise. Devised a tale to stray humankind, that follows blind, no questions asked. In faith they spread despair in the name of this disease. Wicked poets in awe on corpses and dead men tell no tale. Holy war! Rivers bleed and crosses sing, young and weak on a string. Soiled beyond belief they vanish in the stream. Their heroes, their crimes. Oblivion! They are oblivious. They are oblivion. They are, they are, they are human. Proud hypocrites are spurning, chewing out divergence. Incorrigible complex of inferior blades. Insured the sheep don't know insurgence, as they are inbred maggots left of the crusades. Rejoice this faith's survival! Disfigured, distorted, developed by twisted shadows. Disintegrate! Abuse of all insentience. O holy sire, o holy sire Freak! It's a freak show! The clowns that wash their sins for inner peace, in bliss promote ignorance, a legend born of genocide. There is no purgatory, heaven, Eden after life. Bitch we'll all rot in hell, we fucked up from day one and on. They and their ridiculous reverence of a corpse. How ironic their symbol is one of death. These necrophiles are long lost in their wrongs, but they keep on dancing to the reaper's songs. In the reaper's songs, everything divine will fall and everything sacred ruins itself. So what is sacred if not life, we turned in an endless strife? Ungrateful ignorants until everything we've seen is lost and turned to dust.
Immortal in mind, mortal in Form Disintegration of all living flesh. Annihilation! A miserable creation These visions have foretold a mortal paradox. Antagonistic journey towards supremacy. An answer not desired to be ever heard. Behold the story of miserable creation. We are all seeing, yet unable to see. The misery brought upon this feeble race. We are consumers of poisonous cuisine. Objectified as slaves of higher scheme. Behold now, depopulation doctrine. The void awaits for disgraceful genocide Whilst we die, false pharmacy shall thrive. All man's disease, engineered and released. Detoxify! Reactivate your mind, eliminate their disguise! The earth wants us to fight! Realize, your emptiness is a lie illusions nurtured, an endless opposition prevails the fallen flesh. Belials mark forever carved in us. The pole has turned to everlasting darkness! A magnificent future of massacre. I do not recognize nor sorrow nor warmth. I am your blank decadent...
Fire to the ashes, risen from your graves. Mount the lightning again. Descend in the realm of shadows. Reign with terror and reign supreme. Subdued lions of your time, known for tyranny by "gentle and kind". A cowards concept of lies. It's the triumphant who are just, only for us to dance in the wrong hands. In the wrong palm. In the wrong mind, but you are our balm. And we will make demands and we will deny them the freedom. The cursed and fallen grant us second chance. Abide by the law of your gods, gift them your lives, you are nothing but stock for today, your children tomorrow and grandchildren next. Now you cling to straws. To those atrocities you were to hate. To save your skin, unashamed... Descend in the realm of shadows and elevate, elevate. Safely... safely limit our mind. We are but beasts in the shadow of their time. We are but broken and oppressed fed up. Clawless, fangless we will annihilate.
Warranted suspicion of self-annihilation. Infinite graves of positive cells. Degeneration of quality existence. Preservation of a strain of unique emotion at the lowest part of the heart that far too long soaked in inferno. Bloodlusted mind of constant reassurance that illusions of the grey distort a person to advance in thoughts of inevitable conclusion. A fool's endurance. To place some blinded hope upon the hopeless, to be burned by fire that never went out and you could clearly see it. How long can you stay irrelevant. You are the apocalypse of your own declining well-being. Nihilistic visions of reality you can't possibly deny. Eclipsis of your fate, you step right through the gate to a point of no return as you crumble under all the weight. Encumbrance of enriching oneself. Tomorrow you will still be the same monster you saw today okay? Exhausted sustenance process. A darker tone of bells toll tonight and no one else can hear them. Much less the demons formed inside the head. Anxious and mad. Anxious and mad. Anxious and mad. They see everyone dead. Blood etched premonitions bound to genesis. Bloodlusted mind of constant reassurance, that illusions of the grey distort a person to advance, in thoughts of inevitable conclusion. A fool's endurance. Demolisher of bonds, by false virtue, found in walking graves. Gift of nature wasted on these useless knaves. All these restless demons kindled by no change. You trampled on the seed of purest fucking hate. Proceed dispersal.
Let us reminisce Herr Whyze Koenig. In a bed of nameless river lay a certain child. Body laced in human skin, he grew up in the wild. A prophecy of inexistent. He knew not he's on mission to be a shepherd, King. Day by day his blood went worse to remind him of a curse. Himself... Of a curse in himself. Of a task from his predecessors. Unpopulated Earth, he was the first to walk it. Without his kin from beyond the horizon. What we call homo sapiens once made love to an ape. This is how we came to be, a foreigner and an ape, you see. The kingdom for his race, believe, these gods play universally. Still to an amusement, plans don't go accordingly. The ape is poisoned by the curse, the curse that he provided. Instead of foreign child a human came, fate decided. A demon from an ape. Traumatized genome-wise, her body couldn't handle. Now watch the succubus arise. Traumatized genome-wise, here goes the soul of kings. Prominent king of the beginning, how did you picture your end? Dethroned by your curse, by your blood, by your greed.
...And the whispers still scream in my ear! All the light and all the sound infected me. Coursing venom from this disease Afflicted spots and long lost thoughts, as you flee. Soon you'll be at ease. And the thrill! and the grief! And the lives of all those lost in these woods. Desecration of my damnation. Hear these words, you will die! All the dark and all the calm corrupted me, forcing me to discard these keys. A single swing of this knife will devour your life. As to finally quench my carnal lust. As the shine faded from your eyes, I've only once felt exhilaration. In the moment of witnessing your essence, elevating toward the sky. Severed bond of body and spirit... The scene still burns in my eyes and I just can't hold it in. Now a feeling lingers in the fingers that made you go. A sensual touch of a hand turned cold. You will always be the pinnacle of that night. Forever in my reach. Revenant, never meant, to be someone's and you're still so close to me, endearing. You will always be so diligent, till the end. Intelligent yet ever so humble, to make this conscience bend. Although the only tie between is that of farewell. The only thought of you is this one minor dwell. I'm proud these voices give me courage, give a meaning to my only thrill. I couldn't give a damn of who and what you were, but I am thankful you were there. The whisperers concur.
Rise of the first queen, only to dethrone the first king, that made her who she is. Wings of the fallen, a face so unholy, the horns of a ram and charm unopposed. From bearer to eater to legend. Putrid soul of the devourer took him to the brink. Mutated horror of his miscreation encharmed the breed he reigned. Fangs upon the race she made. Claws engulfing all the stained. On her own blood she prayed. The fake love of the gatherer, the twisted mind of her illness, thrived in the chaos and stillness of hearts that felt her luring gaze. A solemn decree of incest, to sate the hunger with those she bore. Rise of the first queen, only to dethrone the first king. A manifestation of his misfortune was mankind's blooming fortune. Wings of the fallen, a face so unholy, the horns of a ram and charm unopposed. From bearer to eater to legend of unspoken time in ages. Hooked on the idea of a special breed of a higher purpose in mind and a breed of complex descent. The subtle voice of mother gave her offsprings little choice. Degenerating spirit down the line is giving lesser merit. Now a myth and a word out of practice and a silent whisper in our minds. Relevance of the forgotten lies in arrogance of the relevant power in question. In the process of our making she lost track of dying king whose seed took root in history. The one she missed is growing up to be her last kiss, goodbye. Washed away with the poison of her tragedy. Disfigured shadow of a being played by fate.
I will realize the significance of your existence. The life you cherish dearly, fits nowhere but a slaughterhouse. Raised to feed on hate, I abhor and despise you. You are nothing but my sacrifice. Stillborn future upon you. Hopes and dreams, I vomit. You'll never know what lies ahead. This is your end. The unmaker! Defiance, erasure for your body and your soul. No otherworld, not even void... your soiled embodiment I start to decreate. Your tainted essence, conscience, spirit... name it never seen. You were an error, yet you have never been. Ascendant mother, whose inner's rotten, your womb is woe and lust, be damned I'll make it go. Cursed be thee father barren won't conceive another you. Divine act of balance! Again, I am the unmaker! As this unholy cleansing unravels the continuum of order set, this place called "anything" spirals on and on 'till beginning is met. Ouroboros one day be sated, one day amiss the trace of all. Gone! Dawn, the malevolence shall be self-undone. Gone, the malevolence, from billions to none. Of this fate too will be your deceiver! Voiceless, voiceless objection to all that is sacred remains untouched. You alone will lay into your unrest, for you never came to be. Reflection? Redemption? No, fuck you! And again, I am the unmaker.
Wild commotion on the streets. They paint the rivers red. The rivers are what oceans eat, they feed on all the dead. Behead the serpent Sion, lest ye be but past. A riot rich in violence of vile but banded thought. The voice in serpentine! A venomous and ill temptation. To a shrinking human heart and resolve to those who defy it. This is a breath of evil. Fight the fire with desire,, to be the hell itself. Now, embrace the venom king of flames and end the dance to Sion's games. Reward yourself in vault of boundless power he possessed. The flames engulfing you will put it all to rest. This era, the sins of seven burn it to forget the only thing, the only thing that's a regret. The only thing that brings all down. A being built on sacrifice and reputation of a race. And everything is falling down and everyone is failing to forget, you Sion wore the crown, and this is what we get. Time to put you to bed. Sleep beneath, more than 6 feet deep, where the hydra's and the myths are lost. We're walking on the heads of beasts still mentioned in the tales at least. You are no more.




released April 20, 2019

Vocals: Sandi Šumandl
Guitar: Iztok Hladen
Guitar: Jan Lovrenčič
Bass: Mihael Jelenko
Drums: Žiga Pristovnik

Guest vocals: Rok Rupnik from Within Destruction on "Fall of the Divine" track.

Produced by Dethrone The Corrupted
Mixed By Mihael Jelenko
Lyrics by Sandi Šumandel
Mastered by 4D Sounds / Acle Kahney
Artwork by Tata Kumislizer
Logo design by Alejandro Molares / Imperfect Design

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Dethrone The Corrupted Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Deathcore band from Slovenia formed in 2012.

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